Spinlectrix set out with a vision to help create a better world, by making smart energy choices economic and profitable.  A team with proven success in innovation formed to realize that goal.

Our Mission

Spinlectrix strives to develop a storage technology that makes energy cheaper to store than to generate.  Only then can renewable energy become an truly economical.  


  • A system designed to operate without the need for high-precision balance
  • Contact-free design to give the longest lifetime for energy storage
  • Shown the scalability of our design through prototype evolution
  • Fifth generation design is now cost-mimized and fully scalable
  • Unique composite rotor design optimizes life and cost
  • Shown the ability to adapt to a range of power I/O's
  • Proved the economics of our system through full scale modeling
  • Made it less expensive to store energy than to generate it over system's lifetime